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About F1VISA Prep

F1VISA Prep comprises of a team of skilled and experienced individuals commited to help indigent students navigate the hurdles of education.

F1VISA Prep comprises a team of skilled and experienced individuals committed to helping indigent students navigate the hurdles of education.

We provide professional and right-on-track consultancy from experts on the best choice of school for you. Our diversity is tailored to meet your financial destination preferences. We also expose the prospective candidates to the many opportunities in the international terrain.

In our few months of existence, we have built trust by helping a large number of Nigerian students achieve their dreams abroad. This has helped us build credible relationships.

Our strategic team has gone through the hurdle of admission and visa processes with great success stories. Not just that, they have helped many others to be successful in the same. These are people who understand your language and are ready to support you in making the process so easy.

Even if you have gotten up to 2 or 3 denials, our one-on-one coaching team will look into your situation and prepare with you ahead of the next interview.

Why don’t you take the first step?

Our Aim

Our aim is to make the visa process seemingly easy for as many Africans who wish to proceed with their educational or career advancement across the globe for undergraduate and graduate programs

What we do

We organize Routine Mock Interview Sessions for our esteemed visa applicants.
We assist in vetting applicant’s school admission requirements, visa appointment biodata and other necessities that will aid their travel plans.

Core Objective

Haven’t discovered that many people fail at the point of visa interviews due to lack of self-confidence, and understanding of some important basics, our core objective is to help all candidates to be the best version of themselves and be confident in their profile.